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Skin Consultations
Have you ever wondered what is actually going on with your skin, and why suddenly that brown spot, red vein, or fine line appears?

A Reveal Imager Skin Consultation at Essence will give you an insight into why this is happening, and what can be done about it. Sun damage, brown spots, red areas, enlarged pores, wrinkles, and more can be analysed in startling clarity. Your consultation will provide us with the knowledge to develop your very own personalised skin care program.

The Reveal Imager is an advanced visual analysis tool designed to produce state-of-the-art facial imaging. The purpose of the Reveal Imager is to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their skins surface and underlying tissue where most complexion problems begin.

Originally developed for skin care research, the Reveal Imager has since been enhanced and adopted worldwide in the health and skin care industry.

With the Reveal Imager, we can fully evaluate your skin’s health and appearance in order to design a personalised treatment plan that includes a skin care program created specifically for you.

The Reveal Imager enables your therapist to see beneath the surface of your skin to provide you with a detailed visualisation of your skin’s specific condition. The information presented is extremely useful in the determination of the best treatment program as well as tracking improvement in your skin’s health and appearance.

How Does the Reveal Imager Work?

The Reveal Imager meticulously scans your skin, capturing essential visual information, using advanced multi-spectral imaging. Utilising cross-polarised photography we are able to measure and record surface and subsurface skin conditions.

Available views during a Reveal consultation:

Standard View: Provides a base image using typical daylight conditions to view visible features or coloration on the skin’s surface. This creates a great reference or comparison tool for other images.

Cross-Polarised View: Special illumination used to identify sub-surface details in the skin. This uses Reveal’s advanced RBX Technology to provide an incredible visualisation of melanin and vascular conditions.

Brown View: Visualised through the use of cross-polarised imaging, spots on the skin that are a result of an imbalance of melanin, often caused by sun damage, are revealed. This includes hyperpigmentation, freckles, and melasma.

$ 70
A comprehensive skin consultation with treatment and product advice based on your individual skin needs.
$ 90
Consultation using the Reveal Skin Imager to take in depth photos of your skin, giving a greater understanding of what lies beneath the skin, including pigmentation, capillaries and skin structure.
Great Skin is the New Black Program
$ 169
Includes a comprehensive skin consultation using the Reveal Skin Imager, LED light therapy treatment and skin care starter pack (new skin clients only).
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