Green Peel - Herbal Aktiv Peel

This herbal peel from Europe is a natural herbal alternative to deep chemical peels. This is the strongest of all our peeling treatments. We have been performing this treatment for 12 years, and were the first in Canberra to introduce it. Barbara has done hundreds of peels with great results, and speaks from experience and first hand knowledge of the result you might expect from your skin. She is happy to see you for a personal complimentary consultation to assess your suitability for the peel.

$675 - 1st peel, includes three homecare products, initial peeling treatment and follow up after peel treatment.

$375 - 2nd peel, the second and subsequent peels are cheaper as your homecare products should last you through 3 -5 treatments, depending on usage. Each peel still includes a follow up treatment to rejuvenate the skin after your peel.