Technispa Body Contouring Treatment

Technispa Body Contouring Treatment (Woden only)

Treat cellulite with Lipo-Dermo-Scultping, a unique combination of three simultaneous body contouring techniques:

Lipo-Sculpting - As the sculptor glides over the body contours it performs a relaxing sub dermal massage that gently stretches and rolls the skin, breaking down cellulite.

Ionisation - Ionisation helps the active anti cellulite ingredients in the treatment gel to penetrate more deeply into the skin. This process works at the cellular level to "dissolve" cellulite.

Stimulation - The sculptor's rollers stimulate gentle muscle contractions that help drain toxins and fatty deposits, trim tissue and stimulate oxygen flow to the blood, resulting in a firmer more toned appearance.

A study carried out at the Saint-Andre Hospital Complex in Bordeaux, France, shows the anti-cellulite results of Technispa:

After a 4 week treatment program with 3 sessions per week - 35.46% of cutaneous firmness observed on thighs -3.4cm in thigh measurement.

Technispa will give you smoother skin and a more even and genuinely reduced orange peel effect after 12 sessions.

$120 - per session, or pay for ten session at $1,200 and receive two sessions free and one free formostar treatment.